Nurturing Pathways Summer 2020

Movement is the gateway to learning during the first four years of life because sensorimotor and social development precedes language and logic skills. The Nurturing Pathways® Program is derived from scientific research on the brain-body connection.The Nurturing Pathways® curriculum targets age appropriate learning and growth encompassing cognitive, physical, sensory and social-emotional development as well as parent education.

This class is for children 6 months to four years. An adult must attend with the child.

​The Nurturing Pathways® curriculum is built upon the “Four Legs for Learning”:

  • bonding and attachment
  • dance concepts
  • energy coordination patterns
  • sensory motor pathways

These pillars support healthy brain/body development in young children and the need to move to learn and play to grow.


Jun 11 2020


10:15 AM - 11:15 AM




Champions for Children
4883 Hightech Drive, Tyler, TX 75703
Kristin Omo, B.S., CDA-PDS


Kristin Omo, B.S., CDA-PDS