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Parent and Caregiver Resources

Champions offers a variety of resources to support children and families. Call for more details on how to utilize these services.


Champions’ Licensed Professional Counselors offer child and family individual and group counseling. Counseling can help children and parents with depression, divorce and separation issues, focus in school, test anxiety, low self-esteem, mental illness, communication, and more. Our counselors provide therapy to children ages 6–19 and their families. Counseling during and after pregnancy for moms and parenting counseling for caregivers who need support in parenting their child is also available.


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Brain Gym®

For Parents & Guardians

Brain Gym® features 26 easy movements, exercises, and activities which help children gain better self control and self regulation to be successful in life.

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Trainings & Workshops

For Parents & Guardians

Attend Champions’ trainings to learn how to help your child develop properly. Champions' employs master Teacher/Behavioral Specialists that provide evidence-based training and mentor parents in best practices for child rearing, quality behavior management and tips and techniques to help your child excel developmentally.

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Autism Education & Resources

Our AER program (formerly East Texas Autism Network) can help guide parents and caregivers of children who may be on the autism spectrum.

Autism Education & Resources

Conferences & Seminars

For Parents & Guardians

Champions for Children hosts four conferences annually. Two of the conferences are designed to provide information pertinent to parents and professionals who work with children. All conferences are presented by experienced professionals.

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Resource Room
& Lending Library

For Parents & Guardians

Check out our free resources for parents! Champions' Resource Room includes a large inventory of supplies for parents to make their own projects or check out for toys for free.

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Is your child getting into trouble at their daycare? Our Child Development Specialists can help. After a free observation, Champions' Specialists will meet with you, the director and your child’s teacher to come up with a Success Plan for your child.

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