Privacy Policy

Client and Donor Privacy Concerns….

Privacy Policy Statement

1. Copies of donations and donor receipt and acknowledgments are kept on file under double lock and key in the Executive Director’s office.

2. Names and addresses of donors, as well as other sensitive documents, are kept confidential and only employees and board members have access to the records. Hard copy documents are destroyed by shredding at the end of the Document Retention Schedule.

3. Donors are informed at the time of each gift of their right of refusing their name and address to be shared outside the organization.

4. To find out more about the financials of Smith County Champions for Children, go to

Smith County Champions for Children requests addresses and phone numbers of donors and clients. This information is used to maintain communication. This personal information is used for mailings and is kept in a secure location under double lock and key to uphold privacy. If individuals wish to review personal information, make changes, or request that information not be shared outside the agency, they may contact the office at (903) 592-1454. Information from credit and debit cards used for donations and registrations is not stored. Smith County Champions for Children places a priority on the security of cardholder data and has successfully completed all sections of the Payment Card Industry’s Self-Assessment Questionnaire resulting in a COMPLIANT rating. Any questions may be directed to the Office Manager or Executive Director.