Irlen Scotopic® Syndrome

What is it and what can be done about it?


Does your child have difficulty reading?

Irlen Scotopic® Sensitivity Syndrome may be the issue.

What Is Irlen Syndrome?

Irlen Scotopic® Syndrome is a sensitivity to light that can seriously interfere with reading and written language, and sometimes even behaviors.  It can lower test scores and significantly impact a person's ability to function in school and work situations.

Can Irlen Syndrome Be Diagnosed At School?

It cannot be diagnosed using the standard educational, psycho-educational or speech/language testing.

Fortunately, Irlen Scotopic® Syndrome is very easy to diagnose and treat through an individual 60 minute screening process.

Irlen Scotopic® Syndrome Facts:

  • Research studies show that children with other difficulties or diagnoses also have Irlen Scotopic® Syndrome and can benefit from screenings and overlays.
  • Reading difficulties:  46-52% of children have Irlen Scotopic® Syndrome
  • Autism:  85% of children also have Irlen Scotopic® Syndrome
  • Dyslexia: 1/3 have Irlen Scotopic® Syndrome NOT Dyslexia, 1/3 have both and 1/3 have only Dyslexia.
  • ADD:  80% of those diagnosed have Irlen Scotopic® Syndrome also.  
  • 12-14% of the general population has Irlen Scotopic® Syndrome.

Let us help you put the puzzle pieces together....... Irlen Scotopic® Syndrome is recognized by the Texas Education Agency.

Who is Irlen Scotopic® for?

Available for: Preschoolers, elementary, teen, adults....

Debbie Lauman assessing a student for Irlen.

Contact Debbie Lauman at 903.592.1454


Fee:  $50.00 per hour  Overlays: $5.00 each