Nurturing Pathways®

Champions’ Music and Movement Class


Was your child born premature?
Does your child have developmental delays?

Champions’ Music and Movement Nurturing Pathways® class may be the answer!

More and more children are missing vital parts of their developmental sequence.


What is Nurturing Pathways® (Champions’ Music and Movement Class)?

Nurturing Pathways® is a complete creative movement and music program for parents and children from 3 months to 4 years.  It is grounded in current brain research and executed with best teaching practices. Nurturing Pathways® focuses on how beneficial movement activities enhance brain and body development in the first 4 years of life.

The Music and Movement Nurturing Pathways® curriculum targets age appropriate learning and growth encompassing cognitive, physical, sensory and social-emotional development as well as parent education.

Do you have Questions?

For more information about Champions’ Music and Movement Nurturing Pathways® please contact Kristin Omo at (903) 592-1454.